Premium Nail Art Manicure Brushes

Premium Nail Art Manicure Brushes

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Product Description

This collection of individual, premium nail tools will not disappoint! Choose from 5 different nail art brushes (French Flat Tip Brush, Painters Brush, Angled Precision Brush, Detailing Brush, and Liner Brush) and a Water Marbling Precision Tool to boost your nail tool arsenal. All brushes work incredibly well with gels, acrylic paints and polishes, but are Not recommended for acrylic powder use. Each brush comes with a protective cap to keep your bristles safe and your points pointy! The see-through, crystal filled handles adds a touch of flare, but if you want to keep those crystals popping, do not use acetone to clean the clear plastic handles. They will become cloudy since the plastic is not acetone resistant. For the bristles though, acetone is okay to use on the brush only if using nail polish.


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  • MORE NAIL TOOLS? YES PLEASE! These individual nail brushes and water marbling tool are ultra sexy!
  • TOOLS OPTIONS: Flat Brush #4,Tongue Brush #4, Angled Brush #4, Liner (#000,#00), Water Marbler Tool.
  • CHOOSE YOUR MEDIUM. These brushes work with gel, acrylic paint + polish, but not acrylic powders.
  • CAP IT FOR SAFETY. Each tool come with a capped end to ensure your bristles/tips will stay on point.
  • CREATE SOMEONE AN EPIC GIFT or add to your personal collection. What's a few more brushes, right?



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