Nail Art Lint Rollers For Cleaning Stamper Head Bundles

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Nail Art Lint Rollers For Cleaning Stamper Head Bundles

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Product Description

If you haven't tried this trick with your nail stamping route, STOP what you are doing! These repurposed lint roller are a fool proof, and quick, way to clean excess polish or poorly transferred designs off your stamper heads. All you have too do is simply roll your stamper head over one of these lint rollers and BAM, clean-as-a-whistle and ready to stamp again! Better than trying to delicately use acetone and avoid messing up your already stamped nails. Choose from 2 sets of rollers. One set has 2 rolls and a handle, and the other has just 3 replacement rolls. All rolls in either set come with 60 sheets per roll.


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  • NAIL STAMPING SECRET WEAPON. Cleaning you stamper will be a breeze with these lint rollers.
  • STAMP THE PAINT AWAY. Simply stamping on the sticky surface it takes polish off your stamper head.
  • QUICK/EASY CLEANING. When your off your game and have to stamp several times, these are lifesavers.
  • NOT JUST FOR POLISH! Takes off any lint/hair, whatever gets on your stamper making it look like new.
  • SUPERB VALUE for the nail artist that needs cleaning options to keep on stamping. Its what we do!



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