Femme Fatale Gel Lacquer Polish Collection

Femme Fatale Gel Lacquer Polish Collection

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Product Description

Femme Fatale is a gel polish collection not to be messed with! This beautifully strong and seductive looking red based gel colors will hook you, reel you in, and devour your love for any other polish. These rich and cream finished colors can be also purchased individual if you can not handle all 3 of these gorgeous colors at one time. Colors in this collection are: MANEATER (G112) - a powerfully seductive looking dark berry, burgundy wine color, SIREN'S CALL (G113) - a deviously gorgeous dark plum purple, and ENCHANTRESS (G114) - a deep, luscious red. *NOTE*: This collection falls under a 3-Step application process: 1) Apply a thin layer of base coat to prepped, oil-free nails and cure under lighting system. 2) With the Femme Fatale gel polish of your choosing, apply a thin layer to base coat. cure, and then repeat. 3) Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure. *Ingredients*: Acrylate Oligomers, Ultraviolet Light Initator, Acrylic Monomers, and Inorganic Pigments.



  • ADVENTURE! EXCITEMENT! A Femme Fatale does crave these things, while having stunning looking nails.
  • FEMME FATALE has 3 luscious colors (2 pink, 1 purple) that you can get in a 3pc set or individually.
  • ENSNARE ALL YOUR ONLOOKERS! All polishes in the Femme Fatale collection have a creamy finish.
  • UV and LED lamps need to have a minimum power of 9 watts. CURE TIMES vary per lighting system.
  • SEE OUR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION for more on our 3 Step application process and other Tips and Tricks!



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