Avery Barn 3 pc Stainless Steel Brewski Beer Chiller Set

Avery Barn 3 pc Stainless Steel Brewski Beer Chiller Set

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A freezer and our beer chiller rods are all you need to enjoy beers that STAY COLD til the very LAST DROP. This set comes with 3 chiller sticks that simply need to spend at least 45 minutes in the freezer before use. The rods are made with stainless steel (100% FDA compliant, BPA Free, and ECO FRIENDLY), so they stay cold longer and will last for many uses without showing much wear. The 8 inch rod will fit in most standard size bottled beers. The cap features a rubber insert to form a snug fit over the top of the bottle, with a hole at the top to let the ice cold brew flow through for your enjoyment. This set is a must have for any beer drinker out there, because nobody likes dealing with warm beers!


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  • TIRED OF WARM BEER? Your brews will stay ICE COLD til the last drop with this 3 pc beer chiller set
  • SLEEK & STYLISH - our 8 inch rod design will fit into standard-sized, domestic beer bottles
  • EASY TO USE - simply freeze 45 minutes prior to use and be ready to enjoy a beer that STAYS COLD
  • Made with DURABLE stainless steel that remains cold and lasts for many uses
  • A MUST HAVE because EVERYONE loves to enjoy a cold beer on a hot day



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