8 Sheet Holographic Nail Art Manicure Vinyl Guide Stickers - Holo Rounds

8 Sheet Holographic Nail Art Manicure Vinyl Guide Stickers - Holo Rounds

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Product Description

CIRCLE SHAPED HOLO NAIL VINYLS! I'll let that sink in for a bit before your manicuring minds explode. This epic nail vinyl set comes with 8 sheets to let your DIY nail art juices a flown! Each sheet has 9 round medallions of the same pattern with 3 bonus, complimentary designed, nail tip shaped stickers. Designs in this set: Wildflower, Blooming Rose, Galaxy, Pinwheel, Heart Fruit, Starflower, Sun Burst, and Citrus Bomb. The real question is what to do with these medallions and tips? Use them as a nail guide for original patterns, apply as a sticker and let the holo-awesomeness shine through, an uniquely designed manicure with both ideas??? We can't wait to see what you come up with! **APPLICATION** : Apply polish to the nail bed then, apply a quick dry topcoat. Using tweezers place vinyl on your nail. Make sure to firmly press down on the vinyl to remove any air bubbles. Apply polish on top of your nail and then immediately remove vinyl. Wait until the polish has completely dried before applying topcoat.


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  • HOT DIY DESIGNS IN SECONDS. Use the holos as sticker, nail guide, or as both for unique nail art.
  • 8 SHEETS AND 16 PATTERNS. With over 250+ decals, the nail art ideas will be flowing onto your manis.
  • HOLO AND UNIQUE: 8 round designs with each sheet having 3 extra stickers for tip or cuticle designs.
  • SIMPLE TO USE! Place sticker over dried polish, paint over sticker, peel off, add Topcoat when dry.
  • MIX AND MATCH designs in this set to come up with Original nail art manicures. Find Us and Show Us!



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