3pc Pastel UV Light Sensitive Color Changing Gel Polish - Rise Up Collection

3pc Pastel UV Light Sensitive Color Changing Gel Polish - Rise Up Collection

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Need a little encouragement? Rise Up in style with these positively sweet light sensitive gel polishes! This stylish collection changes color under artificial UV light or natural sunlight! Each set gives you 6 beautiful colors with only 3 bottles! Don't waste precious shelf space on buying multiple colors when you can save yourself money and storage space with this 2 in 1 gel set! Each set has (3) unforgettable hues to choose from: (G055) Hope-a cute pastel pink that changes to a dark fuchsia under UV lighting, (G056) Resilience-a pretty pastel blue that changes to a deep blue hue under UV lighting, (G057) Courage-a gorgeous pastel lavender that changes to a dark purple under UV lighting. Polishes are also available individually. *INSTRUCTIONS* 1) Apply a thin layer of base coat to prepped, oil-free nails and cure under lighting system. 2) With the color gel polish, apply a layer to base coat and cure. 3) Repeat color application process. 4) Seal the color with a thin layer of top coat and cure. *INGREDIENTS*: Acrylate Oligomers, Ultraviolet Light Iinitiator, Acrylic Monomers, Light Inlet Powder.

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  • Rise up with Resilience, Courage and Hope!
  • Thanks to the UV color changing formula you get 6 colors out of 3 gel polishes!
  • UV or LED lamp is required for these gel polishes
  • Cure Times: *May vary per lighting system* Average for LED, 30-60 sec. UV, 2-4 min.
  • Bottle Sizes: 1.1 in. diameter x 2.3 in. (H) and holds 0.4 fl oz.



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