21pc Lace Decal Flower Manicure Decoration Style Nail Art Stickers Sheets

21pc Lace Decal Flower Manicure Decoration Style Nail Art Stickers Sheets

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Product Description

Got no time and need to liven up your nail designs? These quick and easy lace nail art stickers from b.m.c will glam up your nails in a hurry! Enormous style possibilities await you with this 21 sheet collection. Each sheet comes with different sticky designs ranging from modern to victorian patterns and comes in 3 colors: black, white, and soft pink. The stickers may include glitter accents. These are a must have for the nail fanatic on the run! *INSTRUCTIONS*: 1) Apply a base coat or nail color to your clean nails. Allow nails to dry thoroughly. 2) Choose your stickered design and using a tweezers, carefully remove the sticker from the sheet. 3) Gently place sticker onto your nails, making sure that the sticker has full contact with the nail. 4) Apply a topcoat to seal.


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  • This must have accessory adds a fun or elegant touch to any nail design!
  • This set comes with 21 sheets of lace, flower and decorative sticker strips.
  • You'll receive 3 colors in this set: Soft Pink, White and Black. Stickers may include glitter.
  • An ideal gift for any nail fanatic or keep and add to your collection!
  • Application instructions are given in the description.



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