1.3mm Black Micro Gemstone Nail Art Crystals

Bright Matte Reflective Dark Black Epic Night Out

1.3mm Black Micro Gemstone Nail Art Crystals

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Product Description

How does something so small give you such big, bold designs! These black micro crystal nail art studs give off a blend of matte and shiny effect (depending on how the light hits them) and they are the perfect way to add a new dimension to any manicure in the form of an accent nail, or a full manicure of awesomeness. Each set come in a resealable baggy to keep all these stunning crystal contained and not going all over the place. All baggy have the same weight in crystals (2g). *APPLICATION*: Place a tray or piece of paper under your nail before applying the crystals to collect any crystals that do not adhere to nail. Best practice is to apply these micro crystals to wet nails by sprinkling them over the desired nail. Use a nail art brush to move/position the crystals about the cuticle line and nail tip then seal the edges with a top coat. *TIPS*: Best method is to apply with builder gel or hard gel over a gel or acrylic manicure for a longer lasting effect. I you do not want to use gel, then use an extremely thick regular polish top coat over their regular polish manicure, But Be Warned, it will only last for a special night out or a few hours. For long term wear it is highly recommended to use with gel. If using gel, use a gel top coat around the edge of the crystals to lock them in.


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  • MICRO IS THE NEW BIG! These Hot looking nail art crystals are a great way to add WOW to your mani.
  • DARK & SHINY! The light hits these crystals it give off a matte/shiny effect at different angles.
  • MAKE THAT ACCENT FINGER POP! Encrust your entire nail to make an eye-popping statement design.
  • A LITTLE BAGGY OF SHINE. All crystals (2g worth) come in a resealable baggy to keep them organized.
  • SEE OUR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION for information on application techniques and other Tips and Tricks!



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