Calligraphy Nail Art Dip Pen with 5 Interchangeable Styling Nibs, Black & White Ink, and Design Templates

Calligraphy Nail Art Dip Pen with 5 Interchangeable Styling Nibs, Black & White Ink, and Design Templates

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Product Description

Let your ideas flow with our 12-piece Calligraphy Nail Art Dip Pen Set. Draw lines, swirls, dots and basically anything you want with 5 interchangeable styling nibs. Having a variety of nibs allows you to choose the style and thickness of your designs. Our pink metallic handle sits comfortably in your hand for control and mobility, while the capillary action of ink creates a constant, steady flow to make drawing just as easy and natural as using a regular fountain pen. This set comes with 2 bottles of black and white ink that work beautifully over regular nail polish, gel or acrylic. Fill the well of your favorite nib with the provided ink to draw smooth flowing lines without any interruption or the constant need to re-dip. Create your own designs or choose from 4 sheets of design templates and tracing papers.This set is easy to clean, too! Wipe each part thoroughly with acetone or nail polish remover after each use. 

To Use:

1. Dip or fill the nib until it reaches the hole.

2. Wipe the excess ink off from the base.

3. Create to your heart's content!

WARNING: Small parts, if detached, can cause a choking hazard. Adult supervision needed.



  • INCLUDES: (1) pink holder, (5) styling nibs, (2) bottles of ink in white & black, and (4) templates.
  • TALK TO THE HAND: Sits comfortably in your hand to draw and write just like a pen!
  • WHEN I DIP, YOU DIP: Draw lines, swirls, and dots thick or thin with 5 interchangeable styling nibs.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW: Dip or fill your pen to create a constant, steady flow of ink that's easy to control.
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: Wipe clean each use with pure alcohol or acetone and a cotton pad to avoid ink build up.



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